Artist Statement

A clean canvas is blank and two-dimensional. When I face this canvas, I wish for my brush to paint something dynamic and
passionate. I want my viewers to be able to perceive an image from a distance, be it a landscape, still life, or seascape, but as
they move closer I want them to appreciate the abstract beauty of the large and spontaneous brush strokes and interesting
textures. When I paint, I am fascinated with the finality of each brush stroke. Instead of placing each stroke meticulously and
carefully as one must do in realist painting, I prefer to let them happen spontaneously so that the image created on canvas is
wholly unique. I believe a good painter understands where and when to stop painting so that their work is not smothered by
excessive layers of paint but instead allowed to manifest in its most ideal form.

Art Education

1984 - 1987  School of Fine Arts, Southwest Normal University, MFA  Chongqing, China
1978 - 1982  School of Fine Arts, Southwest Normal University, BFA   Chongqing, China